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LotR Fan Fic - that means Lord of the Rings fan fiction. Stories at Garden of Ithilien focus on Legolas. You will find stories about Legolas from his childhood to his life during and after the War of the Ring. Naturally those stories will include a host of other characters as well.  

Palatable fiction - this means stuff we can sink our hearts into. A plot you can believe in, a love story you will cry over, friendships that last and grow. In other words, a wonderful tale, nicely told.

Original Female or Male Characters (OFM/OMC) - Well developed, thought out characters that you like. Characters with flaws and human failings. Characters with backgrounds and lives and qualities that mesh with Middle-earth.

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Slash - This term refers to M/M and F/F relationships. You won't find any slash fic here. My stories archived at Garden of Ithilien depict heterosexual and friendship relationships only. Fic rec's are also heterosexual or friendship related. There are plenty of slash websites available, some are very good. I choose not to showcase any slash here.

Photos of Orlando Bloom -  no photo gallery here, besides taking up a lot of space, I've pretty much seen them all. There are NO photo's of Orlando Bloom as himself or of other characters besides Legolas here. If you need to know why, please see my article: Does the World Really Need Another Orlando Bloom Fansite? What photo's or photo manips there are will be used for story illustrations or because they are something unique, like Elisa's photo manip used for our archive header on the Garden skin.

Mary Sue doesn't live here - We kicked her out and she's not coming back!For a more lengthy discussion on MarySue's and what there are, see the article: MarySue, Who Are You?

Crossovers - I came to this fandom because I wanted more of Middle-earth, not Middle-earth meets Highlander/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Star Trek/whatever.

AU - We do accept AU stories here, but rest assured Mary Sue is not going to fall into Middle-earth here. But, you never know who might fall out. (Or who might live long enough to still be around in the 20th century <bg>).

Q. By the Valar! Where did you get that picture of Orli?

That's Legolas up there. Repeat after me, Leg-o-las. If you are saying, "Whose the Valar?", please take the nearest exit to the information super highway and type "Orlando Bloom", you should arrive at your intended destination shortly. If you need more clarification, Legolas has long, blond hair and pointy ears. Orlando Bloom does not.

Q. Praise the Valar! Where did you get that gorgeous pic of Legolas?

LOL! Welcome to Garden of Ithilien! Elisa from Lassgalen's Laire made that. It's called a photo manip and it's pure fantasy. It's not a real picture at all. Hard to believe isn't it? Please visit Lassegalen's Laire for more!

Do be warned there is slash content (depictions of m/m homoerotica) on her site!
Please DO NOT visit The Laire if these types of images offend you!

The  manips of Legolas used on this site are by permission from Elisa at Lassegalen's Laire. It is not to be used on any other site or as an avatar on ANY site without her permission. Please respect the wishes of the artist on this site and any other sites you visit and do not copy any graphics at Garden of Ithilien for use on another site. Thank you.

Q. Is Garden of Ithilien a fan fiction archive?

Yes.  Most of the fiction archived here is my own. Once you submit a story to the site, I read and approve it. Not all stories will be approved, please see the submission guidelines for more info.

Q. How can I get you to link to my story?

If you are archived in a public fan fiction archive, e-mail me your link! (please do not e-mail me entire stories as my mailbox is too small to handle large files!) Once I've read it, I'll let you know if I will link to it or not. I am a busy person in real life, so please be patient, I'll get to your story as soon as I can.

Q. Where can I get archived?

Please see my links page for archives and a review of individual archives requirements.

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